Berentzen Minis

Berentzen Saurer Apfel Schnapps Miniature - 2cl Berentzen is Germany's No.1 fruit schnapps, this German sour apple flavoured...
Berentzen Apfel Schnapps Miniature - 2cl This world renowned German apple schnapps is full of fresh ripe juicy...
Berentzen Waldfrucht Schnapps Miniature - 2cl This world renowned German wild fruit (waldfrucht) schnapps is full of fresh...
Berentzen Plum Schnapps Miniature - 2cl This world renowned German plum schnapps is full of fresh ripe juicy...
Berentzen Wild Kirsch Schnapps Miniature Berentzen Wild Kirsch German Schnapps is created by using only the finest natural...
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Berentzen Minis

Berentzen is a homegrown brand from Haselünne, Germany that traces its history back to 1758. Berentzen mini Schnapps are subjected to a process that has been perfected for over 250 years. That’s how you know that every bottle of Berentzen you buy is filled with unparalleled value in every drop. That means, you enjoy the same exceptional quality in every serving of Berentzen schnapps mini.

Berentzen schnapps are designed to bring added tang and character to your otherwise basic cocktail. Berentzen minis provide the ideal serving for single or small batch servings of cocktails and mocktails. Berentzen Apfel minis bring a concentrated taste of juicy and ripe apples. For added sweetness, try a Berentzen Apfelkorn small bottle. In contrast, the Berentzen minis saurer apfel leaves a taste of sour green apples. A Berentzen Saurer Apfel tiny bottle comes in handy for creating a luxurious glass of apple martini. In case you require a smaller serving, Berentzen Saurer Apfel schnapps 2cl miniature is also available.

A Berentzen Plum is more apt for simple preparations, such as to add a juicy plum flavour to Prosecco. A warm plum toddy to cosy up on an unforgiving winter weather also calls for a Berentzen Plum 2cl bottle.

Berentzen schnapps miniatures make for great party favours. For specialized gifting, consider a personalised Berentzen schnapps gift set.