Bells Whisky

Bell's Original blended whisky is a blend of some of Scotland's finest single malt and single grain whiskies,...
A 5cl Bells Original Blended Whisky miniature together with a 150ml mini can of Schweppes Soda Water. This...
A hand selected Gin gift hamper which includes the following items, 1 x Gin Keyring 1 x Joe...
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Bell’s Whisky Miniature

Bells miniature whisky is a fitting tribute to its long history and deserves its story to be retold in your own personal collection. Bells whisky miniatures are made with the same formula derived from the sweet malt whiskies of Speyside with a singular smoky after taste. The primary ingredient is the spiced and nutty malt aged in Bell’s Blair Athol plant.

Bell’s Whisky is a creation that dates to the 19th century and traces its historical roots to Perth, Scotland. Named UK’s No. 1 whisky in 1978, generations after generations of avid drinkers have toasted to cheers, achievements, and countless other celebrations with a glass of this scotch on the rocks. After all, Bell’s Whisky is distilled in one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland.

Unlike most scotch, Bell’s Whisky is known for its smooth glide on the throat. The main character of the taste is super sweet like malt drenched in honey. The burn is slight and fast rather than strong and lingering. This product provides an alternative palate to the masculine body and bold aroma of Scotch whisky aged in oak barrels for a very, very long time. Bell’s Miniature bottles come in several packages that may be reflective of the season that makes these a great addition to your collection.