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Bombay Sapphire 70cl Bombay Sapphire Gin delivers a contemporary take on a highly traditional way of creating a sensational gin that takes your gin drinking experience to breathtaking heights. Globally acclaimed for its electrifying flavours and deeply satisfying flavour, the lineup of cocktail possibilities you can create with a single Bombay Sapphire bottle is practically infinite. Surprisingly, you’ll find that the Bombay Sapphire price is absolutely inexpensive. That is despite its excellent quality over relatively higher priced gin brands that deliver low performance in terms of both quality and taste. For serving world class cocktails and gin mixes right in the comfort of your own home, make Bombay Sapphire 700ml your official gin base. From a G&T tinged in blue, to a Blue Martini or a French 75, you’ll find endless cocktail possibilities without having to break the bank to create a satisfying experience with a herbal, elegant gin. Given that the Bombay Sapphire 70cl price is inexpensive, you can create a beautiful tall blue glass of cocktail just about any time, any day you wish. Bombay Sapphire ,, alcohol content is bottled at 40% ABV. Highly versatile at this level, there’s a wide array of lovely ways to use it for even beyond cocktails. Create stunning tippled cakes and ice creams with it and watch how heads will turn as tongues roll in pure satisfaction.