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Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka Miniatures

Almost shaped like a vial, the Babicka Original Wormwood Vodka miniature is packaged in a tiny, smoked, transparent glass bottle with a long neck and sealed with a cork stopper. ‘Babicka’ in Czech used to refer to 16th century women who were knowledgeable of magic and witchcraft. The posh, minimalist bottle shaped like potion makes it a great choice for gift-giving, and particularly complements elegantly-themed celebrations that call for a toast.

Babicka Original miniature is made from a charming blend of ingredients derived from Wormwood that includes Moravian corn, Thujone, and spring water derived from a spring in Prostejov. This vodka bears the unique, mysterious, and magical flavours of centuries-old recipes from a distillery that has been crafting great spirits since 1518. Get ready to be bewitched and bewildered with every vodka serving fromBabicka original small bottles.

Other than surrendering to this spirit’s beguiling flavours, Babicka Original miniatures make great ideas for gift-giving or, for handing out as party favours. Mini Babickas also provide just enough spirit for giving yourself a serving or your favourite vodka-based cocktail from time-to-time. Better yet, fix one for a small group of people you love best because this vodka is best consumed over warm laughters and smart conversations.