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Appleton Estate Rum Miniatures

“Exceptional spirits travel the world but never forget where they came from,” reads an introduction on the Appleton Estate website. Appleton Estate is part of the Campari Group, one of the biggest and most well-recognized global names in the branded beverages industry. Indeed, the Appleton Estate VX Rum bears witness to the truthfulness of these lines. Every drop is an expression of the heart and spirit of traditional Jamaican Rum, quite the same soul you get with each serving of Appleton Estate VX rum miniatures.

The Appleton rum 5cl shares this rich heritage of Jamaican rum making. The rum inside is distilled in traditional Jamaican copper pot stills. Then, the resulting distill is hand blended from local rums aged 5 to 10 years. The choice to go slow and traditional extracts the best flavours a rum can embody which is unparalleled by any modern means of blending. Exquisite, extraordinary and rich in traditions -- that is the legend you release whenever you open Appleton rum miniatures. It is the same narrative that you present to a well-loved family, relative or friend who deserves that much appreciation.

Appleton Estate rum miniatures pay tribute to their true origins wherever in the world they are sold. Presenting these as gifts or favours, in turn, pay tribute to your personal relationships, reminding whoever partakes in its taste of the importance of maintaining strong human connections. 

At 40% ABV, mini bottles of Appleton Estate rum are great for mixing cocktails and are best experienced with the company. Celebrate life, love, triumphs and relationships with Appleton Estate Jamaican rum miniatures today and keep these moments dear in your hearts for years to come.