Amarula Cream Liqueur

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Amarula Cream Liqueur Miniature - 5cl Grown in South Africa, the small oval yellowish fruit of the Marula...
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Amarula Cream Miniatures

Delight in the mildly intoxicating alcohol and indulgent flavours of fruits and caramel blended together in a creamy solution in every bottle of Amarula Cream miniature. Beautifully blended from cream, sugar and the fruit of the African marula tree, the rich and yummy aroma and taste has excited the senses of alcohol fanatics and occasional drinkers alike since 1983. Amarula Cream liqueur is made with 17.0% ABV which makes it even more likely you and your friends will be pouring glass after glass of this smooth and thick drink.

 Amarula miniatures are a great way to sample the taste of Amarula in case you haven't already tried one before. Amarula minis are also better to have in your home collection if you like pouring some into your morning coffee. You may likely grow even more accustomed to this drink when added to a muddy slide cocktail and even enjoy it infused in your favourite desserts. Nevertheless, an Amarula on ice will just as likely to please your taste buds.

Take a loved one to a special African safari adventure with an Amarula Cream gift set. From its fruity and sweet aroma to its spiked taste, all the way to its ultra-smooth and creamy ending, one sip is enough to feed your Amarula cravings over and over again.