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Alnwick Rum Miniatures

The Alnwick Rum has declared itself as the “Spirit of Northumberland” -- a fair claim for safeguarding a rum recipe that has been around since 1914, Alnwick rum miniatures share the same rich traditions and history associated with the Old World colonization which first brought the spicy blends of Jamaican and Guyanese dark rums on the shores of England. Managed by Harry Hotspur Holdings which is guided by its inspiration to “preserve the past and build the future,” Alnwick Rum proudly demonstrates the possibilities of marrying the old and the new.

There is a long and colourful history bottled in Alnwick dark rum miniatures. The brewery itself first became operational in the late 1800s and continues to serve the distinct taste of old world rum to this day. Unlock rum’s rich history with Alnwick rum 5cl mini bottles and keep the story alive and the palates of your family and friends beaming with the dark notes of raisins and toffee that comes with every sip of this rum.

Mini bottles of Alnwick rum have a robust taste that also owes to the journey each drop takes from rums originating in Guyana and Jamaica, to blending in The Netherlands, and finally bottled in Scotland. Your events deserve this rum’s narrative. Let each mini bottle of Alnwick Rum tell your story with a personalised touch. Alnwick miniatures also pay people you care about the tribute that they deserve. Gift it or give it away as favours and let the bottle keep telling your stories for generations to come.