naturals bottle shaped vodka miniature gift set - 5 x 5cl

naturals bottle shaped vodka miniature gift set - 5 x 5cl

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Absolut Vodka Miniature Gift Set

If you’ve enjoyed an Absolut Vodka, it’s guaranteed you don’t need any further convincing why it’s a classic and why it deserves to be given as presents to people who matter to you. Just because it’s so hard to choose which Absolut Vodka to gift your family and friends with, an Absolut Vodka miniatures gift set, presented with a large Absolut Vodka miniature gift set bottle filled with five miniature bottles, comes highly recommended.

This Absolut Flavoured Vodka Gift Set 5x50ml consists of five of the most flavourful variants: Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Pears, Absolut Citron, Absolut Vanilia, and Absolut Blue. Each one imparting robust and unforgettable flavours that surprisingly makes vodka more acceptable to the palate than its traditionally rough and edgy counterparts.

Absolut raspberri vodka miniature has a sweet and sour taste characteristic of raspberries with hints of woodiness. Absolut Pears add a mild and delicate freshness to your vodka based cocktails. An Absolut Vodka Blue miniature bottle is plain and smooth, guaranteed to make the flavours in your mixers standout. The Absolut Citron 50ml is lemon, lime and orange freshness overload. Mellow, sweet and homey is the kind of vibe an Absolut Vanilia Vodka miniature opens up to.

Absolut Naturals miniatures will definitely have something anybody with any personality type and drinking preference will find enjoyable. Enjoy each of these five flavour-infused vodkas for yourself, Derive more value when you purchase an Absolut miniatures gift set. This Absolut flavours selection gift set is also a top recommendation for giving out favours to very special people and absolutely made even more perfect for gifting and sharing with people close to you.