blue plain vodka miniature - 5cl

blue plain vodka miniature - 5cl

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Absolut Blue Vodka Miniatures

Absolut Vodka Original blue bottle is one of the most well-recognized vodka packaging in the world both for its wide distribution and popularity for its highly accommodating taste. It’s vodka that’s easy to like and commit to love. First launched in New York in 1979, Absolut, made in Sweden, is formulated only with pure winter wheat, no sugar added which is what makes it a great way to bring out the best flavours in your cocktails and the best spike you can get from your desserts and even your coffee. For adding an alcohol twist to otherwise regular food and drinks, there’s an Absolut Blue Vodka miniature to deliver just the right volume of alcohol you need for mixing.

An Absolut Vodka Blue miniature bottle presents an exact replica of the regular-sized bottle. It delivers pure vodka with a full-bodied and complex character yet, unlike traditional vodkas, consistently delivers a smooth liquor texture to the palate.

Have an Absolut blue mini bottle within reach for those moments when you just cannot resist the urge to enjoy premium quality vodka. Stack several more to share with friends as you toast to your past or cheer on to the future. For party giveaways and gift-giving, an Absolut Original Vodka blue small bottle will absolutely cap off any celebration with special moments never to be forgotten.