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Aberlour Whisky Miniatures

Aberlour is the distiller of single malt, Speyside whisky that is located in Scotland. The distillery has been operational since 1879 but, since its founder, James Fleming’s death has changed hands many times. Today, the distillery is managed by the Chivas Brothers. Aberlour whisky miniatures pay homage to this long and rich history of Scottish craftsmanship.

Guided by its founder’s motto, “Let the deed show,” Aberlour to this day remains to be all about creating sensational blends of whisky which whisky enthusiasts from all walks of life will be unable to resist. Aberlour regular-sized bottles and Aberlour miniatures are made from local barley and soft water flowing from the Ben Rinnes. The youngest in the bunch is a 10 year old single malt scotch whisky which serves as the entry-level to the delightful whiskies Aberlour has to offer. Sample this variant with an Aberlour 10 miniature.

The Aberlour 18 miniature conveys an entirely different experience for the senses. Aged 18 years, it is more mature with deeper notes of barley infused with an equally deeper tone of sherry that rubs off from the cask. Each sip is peppered by spices with a hint of liquorice. It leaves the palate lined with darker notes of fruits and raisin with a sweet and woody aftertaste.

For the whisky fanatic, nothing comes close to a single malt. An Aberlour Gift Set is definitely worth considering. There are several choices too if you want to gift a mini Abelour Gift Set. Some gift sets combine a miniature bottle of Aberlour with other whiskies, such as Chivas Regal and The Glenlivet miniatures. A miniature Aberlour whisky gift set also makes exquisite party favours and are sensational holiday gifts.