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What Kind of Alcoholic Drink Are You?

What Kind of Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Liquor brands and the type of alcohol you pick up to toast to good times and to keep you company during the lowest points of your life are apparently not just a choice that you make at random whenever you feel like a glass of wine or a  bottle of beer is necessary. After all, even alcohol carries a long history of perfection that may suit the taste preferences of a wine enthusiast but not gin drinkers.

Read on to find out what your favourite alcoholic drinks say about your character and personality.

What alcoholic drink are you?

1.  Alcoholic Drink Mixes. In the drinker’s paradise, these types of tipples are usually reserved for the ladies. Although in reality, even a tough guy with a brute preference for stronger liquors may fall into the trap of mistaking these drinks for being light and mild -- well, mostly because cocktails taste heavenly.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys your margarita, digs a martini, and reaches out for a pina colada under the scorching heat of sun, you got taste and style. Cosmopolitan? Definitely!

2.  Vodka. Did you know that vodka must be the purest of all the spirits? Most vodka labels subject this alcohol to a continuous distillation process to eliminate residues. That’s why, if you prefer vodka shots over vodka-based cocktails, you have high regard for purity. When you drink, you want nothing less than a tipple, a heart race, and an intense, warm finish while minimizing the chances of nasty hangovers. Cheers to the perfectionist in you!

3.  Whiskey. Is it a whisky or scotch drink? Well, both refer to the same type of spirit although, scotch is limited to whisky made in Scotland. Whiskies may also be made from different ingredients, mostly malted barley and others from corn. Developing a profound preference for whiskey drinks inevitably takes time. It is ordinary to take several years of testing different brands of single and blended whiskeys before a drinker finds one that perfectly matches his taste. For this, developing a sophistication to enjoy a sip of whisky is reserved for the more serious alcohol consumer.

Since it takes more time to learn to love this spirit, you’re probably older and prefer going through the ritual of whisky drinking over the more approachable flavours of either wine or beer. You have a refined taste for alcohol and are agreeable to go on a whisky tasting adventure just to be able to form your own judgment, good or bad, about particular brands of whisky, the same way you appreciate being able to form your own opinions about people, places, and other aspects affecting your life.

4.  Rum. This spirit is closely associated with the discovery of the new world and old world stories about pirates braving formidable seas for nothing but the adventure and the vested right to tell others about it. Not a lot of drinkers dare to brave the spiciness of rum flavours, and even fewer grow a liking after their first try.

That’s why, if you prefer a glass of rum, you are an adventurous spirit, unafraid and full of pride. You are happy to venture to the road-less-traveled. You don’t deny feeling fear but people know you for having the guts to face it.

5.  Tequila. This spirit is made for sharing. If you enjoy having it, you must enjoy toasting jigger after jigger with your own clique. You are a people person. You are highly agreeable, have a high tolerance for other people regardless of their personalities and backgrounds, non-judgmental and, because of this, everybody loves to be your friend.

6.  Brandy. Well, if it’s called cognac, that simply means brandy sourced from and made in Cognac, France. If you prefer brandy, you’re a moderate drinker who likes to be seen as a social drinker. You crave attention when holding a glass of this usually deeply coloured liquor. You want your spirit somewhat sweet but still embodying a long and colourful story that goes all the way back to centuries ago.

Brandy is quintessentially made for social drinking and you are a social animal. You like being around people and you appreciate being admired.

7. Wines. “What alcoholic drink am I if I go for wines?” Well, certainly not the binge drinking type!

Wines are made for pairing with good food and great company. Whether you like reds, whites, or sparklies, you prefer intimate company. You don’t like impressing strangers. You’re the kind of person who is very warm to people close to you and you’re not afraid to let them know that you care.



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