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Wedding Favours : 9 Mini Bottles to Include in Your Wedding Welcome Bag

Wedding Favours - 10 Mini Bottles to Include in Your Wedding Welcome Bag

Aah! Weddings! Of course, yours need to stand out. Every bride is on a quest to out-do every other wedding theme she’s seen, and the groom’s biggest desire is to best everyone he has ever attended as well. Who could blame couples?

It’s a special day, and all of life’s biggest milestones deserve to be celebrated, toasted to and remembered. Not every bride and groom are aware of how special miniatures wedding favours can be. Just in case you haven’t thought about alcohol miniatures for wedding favours, you can personalise these tiny bottles too.


Top 9 Mini Bottles To Match Your Wedding Theme


Now that you’re probably starting to warm up with the idea of personalized wedding favors that come in small liquor bottles, here are the 10 highly recommended bottles to complement your wedding theme:

1. Black Bow tie Wedding

Jack Daniels


The top choice is Jack Daniels. It’s clear, transparent bottle with black and white label is a perfect complement to your theme. Besides, there are plenty of templates available now online that can help you come up with your very own personalized label with your names on it and even the date, time and place where you’re set to take your wedding vows.

Of course, if you’re more of a wine or bubblies person, there are also plenty of bottles for you to choose from. Go all the way with a Bottega Rose Gold Spumante Sparkling Wine. Yellow Tail, which comes in black bottles, also come in a wide range of grape variants, so whether it is Merlot, Sauvignon, Cabernet or any combination of these you prefer, you’ll find just the right bottle of Yellow Tail that suits your palate and your style.


2. Fantasy Wedding


This wedding theme can definitely use a lot of magic. Rather than wrapping colourful bath bombs in boxes, why not a mini liquor bottles gift set instead?

The top mini bottles picks are colour-changing spirits, top-billed by vodka, tequila and gin. Start thinking: Mermaid lemonade, purple martini, and blue vodka. You must check out the Mermaid Gin from the Isle of Wight. The bottle comes with an etching pattern that resembles fish scales. Other than the presentation, this gin has also been applauded for its extraordinary taste and flavour marked by an identifiable taste of sea salt.


3. Spanish-Inspired Wedding

sparkling wine

When you want to impart authentic Spanish cultures the day you say, “I do,” sangria, sherry and cava are your top three choices to give away as alcohol wedding favours. Sangria is a drink you can ask your caterer to prepare for your guests -- complete with all the tropical fruits that you can throw in to give it the presentation your wedding treat deserves. As a token of appreciation of your guests, however, there are ready-made sangrias available as well. Sol de Espana Sangria and Real Sangria are worth checking out. In case you need something easier to access, check out Mija Sangria.

As for sherry (Jerez in España, by the way), check out the Williams Humbert Dos Cortados Solera Especial and Tio Pepe Fino En Rama. As for cava, check out Freixenet, currently the world’s top supplier of this sparkling wine.


4. Italian-Inspired Wedding

Bottega Gold Prosecco

When everything Italian from the pastas to the breads, ossobuco, and risotto are on the menu, there can only be one alcohol to cap off the plate and complement all of these rich flavours than a prosecco. It is, after all, a bubbly, perfect for toasting and, it also cleanses the palate so your guests can enjoy more of the rich combination of flavours from different foods in the menu.

Top mini bottles of prosecco includes Bottega Gold Prosecco. The brand boasts of a wide range of variants -- all beautifully bottled up in gorgeous packages available in miniature bottles. Other brands worth checking out are Raffaello, and San Giuseppe Extra Dry Prosecco.


5. French-Inspired Wedding


Going all the way for the regale French traditions? Then go all out with a mini alcohol bottles gift set that is comprised of champagnes and bourbons. Moet and Chandon would appear to be top of class but, don’t make a final decision until after you’ve also looked up other options or, additions, for your wedding basket: Nicolas Feuillatte, H Blin, Lanson, and Pommery.

As for Bourbon, your choices are wide ranging, literally spanning anywhere from Bourbon, France, Bourbon French Quarters in New Orleans, and Bourbon County in Kentucky. Bottomline is that all bourbons are made from corn. Judging the best available choices according to taste and the looks of the bottle, here are the brands worth checking out: Jefferson’s Ocean, Michter’s 10 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Four Roses Single Barrel, Bulleit Barrel Strength, and Blanton’s.


6. Mexican-Latin-Themed Wedding

Sierra Tequila

Would there be any more doubt that what you need to mark your wedding day is a good old fashioned tequila? Your top choices are Patron Tequila and Sierra Tequila.


7.  Romantic Wedding Theme

Chivas Regal

Regardless if your venue is indoors or outdoors, this theme is characterized by soft hues of baby pinks and peaches, coupled with pearls and the soft petals of white roses. Red wine is definitely an option, but so too are Johnnie Walker gift sets, Chivas Regal, Glenlivet, even a Drambuie. With such a wide range of possibilities, you can even show your appreciation with a mini liquor bottles gift set, simply make sure to handpick your personal favourites.


8. Vintage-themed

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

If you’re a couple who digs the Great Gatsby, grooves to a swing, and get pumped up with the turn-of-the-century style and vibe then, you definitely need a vintage drink to complete your love story. You want a bottle that oozes and ‘boozes’ this 1920s character inside and out.

Top recommendations include: Old St. Andrews Clubhouse Blended Scotch Whisky, Bowmore Single Malt 1957, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Angostura Legacy, and Hennessy which you can personalise by sticking shiny rhinestones and silver or gold ribbons on it to match your wedding theme. For your entourage, go all the way with a Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII.


9. Mid-Morning Wedding


Now, that certainly calls for a brunch. While your hired bar will be able to fix anywhere from refreshing to fruity or creamy cocktails for your guests, your personalised wedding favours in a bottle certainly deserves attention. Among the top recommendation is Tequila Rose Liqueur which you can even choose exclusively for your bridesmaids. 

Mid-morning brunches and tea time weddings can use a mini alcohol bottles gift set daintily presented in a native jute basket or, a recycled cardboard box. Start brainstorming on the contents. Here are your top choices: Apertif (Jagermeister or a limoncello), fruit wine (Lindisfarne Elderflower & Strawberry Fruit Wines Gift Box and Lyme Bay), liqueurs (Gabriel Boudier, Drambuie Whisky Liqueur, and Cointreau Triple Sec), white wine (Charles Meras Chardonnay White Wine and Arbol de Plata White Wine).




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