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Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Budget Friendly gifts for the Special Woman in your life!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Her - Budget Friendly gifts for the Special Woman in your life!

In case you haven’t already learned, Valentine’s Day is a big event for women. Therefore, it is that one day of the year when you are expected, no matter how she makes it obvious or subtle, for you to make her feel loved and special the best way you can. Shower her with attention and that means backing up your heartfelt “I Love Yous” with something as special as you feel about her. If you haven’t gone shopping for Valentine's Day, don’t worry but just the same, you’ve got to hassle.

The Best Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

No, this list won’t send you to shop a Valentine’s gift for her at the department store’s makeup or lingerie section. How does shopping online gifts for her sound? Our top recommendation goes beyond sassy, chic, and sexy. We’re suggesting something more exquisite, timeless, and classy: miniature bottles of the best selection of alcohol.

Here are the Top 7 miniature alcohol gift ideas that the very special woman in your life will be happy to receive:

1.  PASSIONBLUE Chardonnay - 75cl

PASSIONBLUE Chardonnay - 75cl

Share a mini bottle of this fruity tipple with two tall wine bottles in tow. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the characteristic fruitiness of this dry chardonnay so make sure to have at least another bottle with you. Best of all, the surprisingly blue hue of this PASSIONBLUE Chardonnay is unlike anything else offered before. Toast to the taste of freshly cut peaches with just 9.5% ABV to make sure you’re both saving up your energies to enjoy the rest of your date night.

2.  Pink Royal Dry Gin

Pink Royal Dry Gin

Pink Royal Dry Gin, If your woman prefers a stronger tipple, you must try this pink-tinged gin infused with the sweet and citrusy flavours of raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries. Rather than serving up this 47% ABV alcohol as it is, however, go overboard to impress her. Learn to mix and fix a Cosmopolitan or Martini. In this case, practice makes perfect so make sure you order at least two bottles.

3.  LYME BAY Garden Mead Wine - 75cl

LYME BAY Garden Mead Wine - 75cl

Raised from the traditional and nostalgic upbringings of Lyme Bay, this mead wine recipe is inspired by the Lyme Bay Mead Wine. This time, its makers added a hint of minty freshness to its classic honeyed taste. This bottle of wine may not exactly meet your criteria for gifts in budget but the sensational experience it brings it absolutely worth it. After all, mead is no longer commonly available these days -- and you are getting a bottle exclusively for your Valentine date.

4.  RAISTHORPE MANOR Dry Gin Miniature - 5cl


How about a flavour-infused gin with magical origins? This RAISTHORPE MANOR Dry Gin is processed using water sourced from the mystical Gypsey Springs located in Yorkshire Wolds. According to local mysticism, the waters of the river brings good luck to whoever drinks from it. It will definitely make a wonderful way to toast to long and lasting love.

5.  JUST FOR YOU Gift Set With 3 X Vodka Miniatures

5.  JUST FOR YOU Gift Set With 3 X Vodka Miniatures.

JUST FOR YOU Gift Set, this liqueur gift set is an absolute must for that special someone of yours -- and it comes in three. Three of today’s best selling vodkas packaged in a pink box that reads, “Just For You,” it delivers a sampling of three vodka brands in their most seductive flavour infusions: Chase Elderflower Vodka Liqueur miniature, Whitley Neill Blood Orange Vodka miniature, and JJ Whitley Rhubarb Vodka miniature.

6.  THE SWEET POTATO Flavoured Gin Gift Pack - 4 X 5cl

THE SWEET POTATO Flavoured Gin Gift Pack - 4 X 5cl

THE SWEET POTATO Flavoured Gin Gift Pack, this mini spirits gift set offers a sampling size volume of four of the most popular flavoured gin creations from The Sweet Potato company. The package comes with these four flavoured gin variants: orange, raspberry, plum, and lavender. 

Pack it on a picnic you’ve arranged or invite your date to a camping trip with these four miniature gin bottles neatly packed inside your bag. Take turns sampling these mouthwatering tipples. Or, you can purchase a shaker and learn to fix a few popular cocktails at home, sip, then judge it together. Now, that’s quality time you simply cannot just buy.

7.  BRAMLEY & GAGE Slider Liqueur Miniature - 5cl

BRAMLEY & GAGE Slider Liqueur Miniature

If you are looking for something more unique and, hopefully, entirely new tipple experience for your date, this booze could be the one. Bottled at 18% ABV, the Bramley & Gage Slider is created using gin as its spirit base. It is packed with sloes carefully steeped in cider to bring out the best fruity essences. Serve neat, chilled or mix with lemonade according to your date’s taste or alcohol preference.

Add More Spirit To Your Valentine’ Day Gift For Her

If you want to create an inviting air of passion you can share with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, you need a strong commitment to make it happen. Wines and spirits can get you both in the prevalent emotional mood of the season. Although, even a rum alcohol will win you the passion and devotion of the love of your life. The rest is up to you.

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