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Shrove Tuesday Pancakes: Boozy Old Fashioned Recipes to cure all your hungover cravings!

Photo by Rama Khandkar 

Shrove Tuesday Pancakes: Boozy Old Fashioned Recipes to cure all your hungover cravings!

Think you’re ready for Shrove Tuesday? Until after you’ve browsed over the recipes for boozy pancakes below, you’re not really prepared to enjoy the festive pancake season, and you’re not really ready to fast in preparation for Easter Sunday.

The Shrove Tuesday origin is a way to prepare Catholics for the start of fasting for the Lenten Season. What used to be celebrated one day before Ash Wednesday which marks the start of a 40-day fast is now observed one week before Lent officially begins. Since people didn’t want to throw away eggs and sugar, they made pancakes. Since you wouldn’t want to put good alcohol to waste. you might as well use them up to make tippled pancakes. Chances are, you m still have leftover booze from the Holidays and Valentine’s Day lying around in your fridge or bar. Let’s put them to good use! We’ll show you how. 

5 Old-Fashioned Pancakes With A Spike

Below are 5 yummy versions of pancakes that you can make for your personal indulgence and they’re even better shared over chitchat and laughter with your family and friends. You better make sure these pancakes are out of the reach of children.

Always start your pancake the usual way you do it -- whether it is a from-scratch pancake easy recipe, using an instant pancake mix, or a vegan pancake without egg. To make your pancakes more exciting, indulge with tasty liqueurs that give your hearty pancakes an added flavour, warmth, and tipple. Here are the top 5 boozy pancakes that you can make with 5 of the best-tasting liqueurs that aren’t just good for toasting but also for cooking:

1. Chocolate Cream Pancake

Chocolate Cream Pancake

Add a Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur to your pancake chocolate mix prior to grilling or frying. For an ultimate extravagant pancake experience, create the best chocolate cream liqueur by adding the product to your mix then topping the cooked pancake with lightly chilled Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur. Enjoy the finest Belgian chocolate as it glides smoothly in your mouth, leaving behind the blended taste of smooth and creamy vanilla with cocoa.

2.  Cream Pancake

Cream pancake

Still have leftover Bailey’s Cream Liqueur the ladies in the family left sitting in the fridge over the New Year? Don’t put that liqueur to waste! Add it to your pancake for a fancy treat instead. For a mind-blowing cream liqueur recipe you and your adult loved ones will crave again and again, add Bailey’s to your pancake mix then use chilled to top your pancakes in place of an ordinary maple or honey.

3.  Orange Pancake

Orange pancake

In case you’re not sure how to enjoy the Grand Marnier Liqueur that you received from a visiting relative over the Holidays, skip the orange cocktails and add it to your pancake for a fruitier, boozier treat. This orange liqueur recipe leaves a fresh and tangy sensation on your palate. This indulgence can definitely build a sinful obsession but, one that wouldn’t require a confession or atonement.

4.  Strawberry Pancake

Strawberry pancake

After winter is over, you just can’t help but develop a tingling excitement for the coming of spring and summer -- and, yes, the season of delectable strawberries! Make sure you’re all caught up with this inevitable seasonal change with a Strawberry Wild Vodka liqueur to add a touch of fruit and citrus to your pancake.

Care for a strawberry flavoured liqueur in your milk, tea, or coffee? Feel free to add a shot or two to your breakfast mug. In case you have another Wild Vodka flavour infusion you need to use up, feel free to use that flavour instead of strawberry for this pancake recipe -- the level of fun will be the same.

5. Raspberry Pancake

Raspberry Pancake

Another taste that marks the start of a new cycle of growth and abundance, the Bramley & Gage Raspberry Fruit Liqueur is bursting with crisp raspberries added in robust amounts and served at 18% ABV. Pastry recipes with raspberry liqueur are always a no-fail hit so there’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t work well with your pancake. Try it and experience it for yourself.

So, this Shrove Tuesday, before you petition to be absolved from sin, indulge in the extravagance of these liqueurs. Heaven on earth, indeed, but don’t just take our word for it. You got to try it,



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