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Ready-To-Drink Cocktails- Funkin Cocktails

Ready-To-Drink Cocktails By Funkin Cocktails

An unforgettable drink requires a cocktail mix made with the finest ingredients rested on crushed ice and an Instagram-worthy presentation. Mixing cocktails is an art that only very few skilled mixologists have been able to decipher and break through until Funkin Cocktails were created. Now the fun can start even before you take your first sip. With Funkin Cocktail mixers, you too can now exercise your creativity. Keep your imagination flowing with fresh purees made from all natural blends of the finest, most exquisite fruits sourced from the best producers located all over the planet.

Persian limes are sourced from Mexico, mangoes come in from India, and Passion Fruit originates from Ecuador. At Funkin, quality begins from picking the best ingredients for its mixers. That’s why you can rest assured that you’re only adding excellent quality purees to make your own cocktails however way you want to.

Unlike ready to drink cocktails, Funkin cocktail mixers and cocktail syrups allow your mood to take the lead. Enjoy the moment, feel like lying on the beach in the comfort of your easy chair or, choose to make your favorite cocktails in your next vacation destination. When you have Funkin, you’re always ready and confident to mix drinks that are no less than smashin’!

Choose from a wide variety of blended purees packed in their freshest forms. When you just want to chill, treat yourself to an instant summer getaway with the Funkin Pina Colada Cocktail Mixer. Dive into a creamy blend of coconut and cayenne pineapples. Simply mix with your favorite rum.

Funkin Ready to Drink Cocktails- Pina Colada

When you just can’t get off of your dose of caffeine but badly need more edge, help yourself to a serving of alcohol-infused coffee. Let the Funkin Espresso Martini Cocktail Mixer and your suave brand of vodka give you the kick you seek. However way you plan to make it, remember that the secret is in the ice.

Funkin Ready to Drink Cocktails- Espresso Martini

Friends coming over? With Funkin, you can take the worry out of entertaining at home and be totally present to enjoy your own party. Be the host your guests will never forget. Serve up a Funkin Raspberry Mojito and get ready to share the taste of the finest raspberries from Chile and Serbia. Don’t be surprised when you get complements for serving up mojito like no other. Be ready to add in your favorite dry rum. Blend evenly with a cocktail shaker. To garnish, give your fresh mint a good slap and your preparation will surely make your glass the top choice for mojitos.

Casual cocktails in the middle of week is always welcome! Whether it’s poker night or, you’re just looking to put your feet up with a classic glass of cocktail in one hand, there’s a Funkin cocktail mixer to keep you company. Have a sip of your favorite gin while giving it an extraordinary slant by mixing it with the Funkin Elderflower Collins Mixer and lots and lots of crushed ice.

Funkin Ready to Drink Cocktails- Elderflower Collins & Raspberry Mojito

Don’t miss out on the Funkin Margarita Cocktail Mixer for your exclusive girls’ night out or, when you want to keep your female friends delighted with their glass of alcohol. What better way to make your margarita than with Persian limes directly sourced from Mexico — no less than the very birthplace of margarita. Expect this cocktail to turn up the fun and get everybody screaming, “Arriba!”

Throw a mini celebration of your quick wins. Whatever it is that you’re toasting to, the Funkin Cosmopolitan Cocktail Mixer is there to live it up with you. Its luscious blend of cranberries infused with the citrusy taste of lime, topped with a hint of orange will fill your night with a triumphant spirit. When mixed with a smooth vodka, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world and ready to conquer some more.

Funkin Ready to Drink Cocktails- Passion Fruit Martini

Not sure which of the Funkin cocktail mixers you want to try first? How about you try them all? Get on a classy cocktail adventure by getting Funkin cocktails minis from Just Miniatures, the UK’s largest retailer of miniature alcohol bottles. Who said you ever had to choose just one? Why not pick them all? Don’t forget to shop for your mini vodka, rum and gin too.

You can shop for Funkin Cocktails at Just Miniatures.

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