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Personalised Valentines Day Gifts That Will Keep The Sparks Flying!

Personalised Valentines Day Gifts that will Keep the Sparks Flying!

Wines and spirits are customarily raised to toast to life’s most memorable celebrations. So, why not make this Valentine’s Day extra special for your extraordinarily special someone with mini alcohol gift sets and personalised miniature bottles to add a boost to romance and passion this season is best known for.

When you’re weary of moving away from the typical merlot or champagne served in slim, tall glasses, why not make it a gin. Since pink is the colour of love, go ahead and create your very own Pink Gin Gift Set. With pink gin gifts, Valentine's Day 2020 is about to become a remarkable day for expressing how much you feel and make sure it is remembered for many years.


Top Gin Gifts for V-Day 2020

From flavoured gin gift set to rhubarb and ginger gin miniatures, here is the top of the shelf collection of the most pleasing and the most approachable gin brands that suit this season of love:

1.  Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin

The Hendricks Gin Gift Set includes the Lovers Miniature Gift Pack. The package includes two flask-shaped 5cl bottles of gin. Enjoy taken from the bottle or empty into a clear glass and serve with tonic, cucumber and orange slices for a refreshing cocktail drink. Sweet and easy.

2. Pink Royal Gin Miniature Gift Set

Pink Royal Gin Miniature Gift Set

Get all set for a pink-tinted gin refreshment. This tangy and very berry gin overflows with fruity sweetness. Its blushing tinge makes a rather wonderful way to add an extraordinary flavour and colour to a prosecco. Add more attraction to this cocktail’s enticing profile with halved slices of strawberries swimming in a clear cocktail glass. 

If you fancy wrapping up a special treat, check out the Gordons Gin Gift Set that comes with a bottle of Gordon’s Gin, glass and chocolate truffles.

3.  Edgerton Pink Gin

Edgerton Pink Gin

Edgerton Pink GinVibrant, crisp, and quintessentially English with its citrusy taste,  With 15 botanicals making up its interesting spirit character, it does not take much to impress a date with this gin. Simply pour the gin over crushed ice then add lemon juice, sugar and club soda.

4. Collagin Rose Gin

Collagin Rose Gin

Care for something more delectable and luscious? This drink will do a lot more surprising promises! You and your date will be happy to note that Collagin Gin comes with collagen -- yes, the stuff that keeps the skin and body cells youthful and in tiptop shape. Mix Collagin Gin and Mozart White Cream Strawberry Liqueur then serve chilled for a relaxing sip throughout a nightlong.

5. Edinburgh Gin

Edinburgh Gin

Flavour-infused spirits included in the Edinburgh Gin miniatures gift set will help deliver a lovely nightcap. Whether you are taking ginger and rhubarb gin miniatures for a classic G&T fix, as a refreshing cocktail or as an exciting addition to spike your favourite after-dinner desserts, the Edinburgh Gin will be prove to be the catalyst of engaging conversations that will send the sparks of love and passion aflame.

The Edinburgh Gin Gift Set also comes with miniature bottles of raspberry-infused and elderflower-infused Edinburgh Gin.

Whether you and your partner are already big fans of gin or, are only just beginning to appreciate why this classic spirit has made such a huge comeback in the palates of the English, there is a broad range of gifts for gin lovers to choose from. Of course, if you both so wish, Valentine’s Day may just as well be toasted with exquisite whisky gifts instead.


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