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Fancy Funkin Flavors to Mix with Booze!

Fancy Funkin Flavors to Mix with Booze!

How many times have you tried to fix your own favourite glass of cocktail and failed to recreate the exact taste you were going for? Well, you’re not alone. More and more people are now discovering Funkin cocktails and are pleasantly reassured that they can, after all, create mouthwatering and Instragram-worthy cocktails in the comfort of their own homes. With a wide range of available variants, Funkin Cocktails may be all you need to extensively expand what you can serve in your own minibar.

5 Must-Try Funkin Cocktail Mixers

Get ready to put together 5 Funkin cocktail recipes right in the comfort of your own home. Learn these cocktails and you’ll never run out of cocktail drinks to serve from your home mini bar:

1. Funkin Pina Colada.

Funkin Cocktails - Funkin Pina Colada

Inside is a refreshing blend of the best pineapples sourced from Costa Rica and coconut cream from Thailand. Also thrown into the mix are the rejuvenating flavour of citrusy lemons. To achieve this seaside worthy cocktail, all you need are Funkin Pina Colada, coconut rum, and white rum combined at 3:1:1 ratio. Use a cocktail shaker filled with crushed ice to blend all these wonderful tropical flavours together. Then, pour over ice in a tall cocktail glass.

2. Funkin Margarita.

Funkin Cocktails - Funkin Margarita

In this mixer, Persian limes sourced from Mexico take the spotlight. It comes complete with fresh orange juice. To create your own glass of irresistible margarita, all you need is Funkin Margarita, tequila, and triple sec. Since you won’t be able to resist a second or third round (and neither will your company), make it a full pitcher and witness how everyone appreciates your new craft in cocktail mixing.

3. Funkin Espresso Martini.

Funkin Cocktails - Funkin Espresso Martini

It may come to you as a pleasant surprise to know that you may actually turn coffee into cocktails easy to make yourself. Coffee lovers will be happy to note that Funkin Espresso Martini makes use of the finest cold brew coffee only. Take it as a mid-day comfort drink or as a late-night drink as you relax and get ready to hit the sheets. The only other ingredient you’ll need is a shot or two of vodka.

4. Funkin Mojito Mixer.

 Funkin Cocktails - Funkin Mojito Mixer

If you care for something lighter with an unparalleled rejuvenating experience, Funkin mojito mixer is the perfect Funkin Cocktail your mood deserves. No less than Sicilian lemons are added to the mixer. Use vodka or rum as your spirit base. Don’t forget a generous serving of cubed ice to complete your cocktail.

5. Funkin Passion Fruit Martini.

Funkin Passion Fruit Martini

Funkin Passion Fruit Martini made with the finest real fruit. Add your choice of spirit, empty into a martini glass, and get set to enjoy it with a beautiful view for your backdrop. This drink will definitely make you feel that you’re on top of the world.


What is Funkin?

Funkin Cocktails is a brand of cocktail mixers that allows you to achieve the taste you want to recreate the taste and tipple that, previously, you were only able to obtain from your favourite joint. Whether you’ve tried to concoct your own Margarita, Manhattan, or any other cocktail you’re strongly passionate about or not, you’ve never really recreated your favourite tall glass drink at home until you’ve tried it with Funkin mixers.

Where can I buy mixers for cocktails?

Cocktail mixers are sold in wines and spirits shops for all kinds of cocktail drinks. Not all are created equal, however. Therefore, closely examining how ingredients are sourced and processed is just as important as making sure that you have all the ingredients you need and add these at the correct amounts. With Funkin Cocktails, you can rest assured that you’re using only the finest ingredients sealed with your total satisfaction in mind.

What are good drink mixers?

Funkin is a cocktail mixer that brings you the finest quality of fruits, coffee beans, and other plant-derived ingredients, served in their all-natural state. It’s important to obtain your ingredients in their freshest forms to retain their natural flavours.

Funkin is made using the finest and freshest raw ingredients from the world over. For example, mixes include Mexico’s Persian limes, India’s mangoes, and Ecuador’s Passion Fruit. That’s because the brand believes that producing premier cocktail mix quality starts from sourcing the best ingredients and ensuring that the process retains the goodness of these components.



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