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Celeb's Fav- Famous Who's & Their Famous Booze

Celeb's Fav- Famous Who's & Their Famous Booze

You may not be as famous as these world-class celebrities but, they share your passion for exquisite, fine quality spirits. Truly, it should be no surprise that the same brand of blended Irish whiskey is a luxury that you share with an award-winning Hollywood artist or celebrated athlete. After all, just like music is a universal language, spirits don’t require any special training to be savoured.

Celeb-Owned Spirit Brands

Here are some fun facts that you can share with your drinking buddies next time you raise a toast or spend a boozy downtime together. Remember, you can always opt for a whiskey mini or a miniature serving of any of these alcohol brands if you’d like to sample it first before you serve it to your house guests when they come around:

1. Proper No. Twelve Whiskey.

Conor McGregor with Proper No. Twelve Whiskey

The loud and proud owner is the former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champ, Conor McGregor. An Irish by descent, it’s not surprising that when the opportunity to invest in a business, he had his eyes on no less than Irish whiskey.

Proper No. Twelve Whiskey is named after Dublin 12 where McGregor spent his childhood. This blended Irish whisky is formulated using a combination of malt and grain whiskeys infused with the deep and complex flavours of ex-bourbon-filled barrels. The result: a bouquet of fresh flowers drizzled with honey and a hint of spice from a dash of pepper. The flavour profile rounds up to an oaky finish.

Irish whiskey miniatures offer a different way to show appreciation for your guests, whether for entertaining or giving out as favour.

2.  Casamigos Tequila.

George Clooney with Casamigos Tequila

This is one of the most successful tequilas launched in recent history, it’s no surprise that this tequila brand caught the attention of no less than Diageo, currently one of the biggest companies running the global spirits business. You’ll be surprise to learn that it was George Clooney and two of his associates who created the hot brand and the hit tequila served along with it.

Founded in 2013, Casamigos Tequila was originally not for commercial offering. Today, there are four variants in the range: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Mezcal. Great for taking as shots, this tequila is smooth and delivers a kick without the harsh burn so closely associated with traditional tequila. It is what earned Clooney and his friends a generous outright buy out from Diageo reportedly for $700 million plus $300 million more depending on future brand performance. Let’s drink to that!

3.  Crystal Head Vodka.

Dan Aykroyd with Crystal Head Vodka

If you grew up in the 80s and early 90s, there’s no doubt you would’ve enjoyed the hilarious movies that top-billed comedy man, Dan Aykroyd. Guess what? These days you can enjoy his premium vodka offering.

With the Crystal Head Vodka bottle complementing the brand name and the high-level of purity associated with this spirit, expect only premium class gin that will deliver surprisingly smooth and sweet vodka to roll inside your mouth. You’ll actually forget that it’s vodka!

Here’s another trivia about this spirit that will be worth sharing: It’s further purified by filtering through 500 million years old Herkimer diamonds! So, if you can’t own that rock, you might as well drink with it. You can order a Crystal Head Vodka 5cl to sample this drink or for gifting.

4. The Pogues Whiskey.

Irish band with The Pogues Whiskey

In 2015, another tie-up between a celebrity Irish band, The Pogues, and a distillery, the West Cork Distillers, gave birth to this brand of whiskey . Bottled at 40% ABV, this well-embraced whisky brand is created using 50% Irish single malt made from 100% malted barley, and 50% grain whiskey. 

Triple distilled and matured in Ireland by sitting it in ex-Bourbon barrels for at least 3 years, the Pogues Whiskey embodies a full flavour profile, mostly characterised to be creamy and smooth. On the palate, it imparts the taste of caramels wrapped in vanilla with a well-rounded malty flavour. Have a taste with a whiskey mini. Why not get a few more bottles to share with your friends?

5.  Ciroc Vodka.

Sean Combs with Ciroc Vodka

Fast-forward to the 90s and early 2000s, no doubt you’ve hummed to “I’ll Be Missing You” hip hop version, that is, by no other than three-time Grammy Award winner -- singer, songwriter, producer (and a whole lot more), Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy. That’s right! He is the celebrity owner of the first-ever vodka made using fine grapes from the Gaillac and Cognac regions of France. Did you really expect something more ordinary?

Five times distilled and bottled at 40% ABV, this vodka has a subtle fruit flavour, so far away from the most widely conceived brut and rough flavour of Russian vodka. Ciroc Vodka is offered in several flavour infusions that include the Ciroc Black raspberry flavoured vodka. These vodkas are recommended taken neat but also create the tastiest and most splendid cocktails with a vodka base. Ciroc miniatures will contain just enough volume of this spirit for single or small batch servings of cocktails. 

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