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Celebrate the World of Playful Luxury with Just Miniatures!

Celebrate the World of Playful Luxury with Just Miniatures! 

Wines and spirits are historically the highlights of any celebration. Believe it or not, living a grand or Luxury Lifestyle to enjoy the best things in life.

Whether you have a special reason to celebrate or just long to toast the day with a touch of class, here are six of the best tasting wines and spirits deserving of the occasion:

1. Moet and Chandon 

Moet and Chandon

Among the champagnes acclaimed for its elegant bubblies and impeccable taste, Moet and Chandon is the ultimate choice for newlyweds and couples celebrating an anniversary. Miniature-sized bottles make a tasteful alternative to emptying champagne in wine glasses, and it will suit any casual and formal function, personal or corporate.

Imagine a combination of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grapes soaking your palate in a beautiful symphony of fruitiness and light alcohol. It delivers just the right kind of tipple for socializing.

2. Blossom Hill

Blossom Hill

itemprop="description"Blossom Hill is a brand of wines bursting with the fruitiness of grapes of different varietals. Grown and bottled in California, expect Blossom Hill wines to take on a more summery, sun-kissed character. 

Each sip keeps everything light. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing to dislike about it which makes it great as presents for special occasions and house visits. It’s also perfect when you’re hosting a picnic by the backyard. Lighter variants go nicely with lightly seasoned dishes. On the other hand, more flavourful foods  go well with darker wines.  

3. Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

It is one of the biggest, most recognized brands of vodka for a reason. For one, you can drink it neat with a chaser or, use it as the vodka base for creating your kind of Cosmopolitan.

Absolut Vodka also comes in several variants, usually with 40% ABV. Some of the most popular choices are Absolut Citron, Absolut Plain, Absolut Lime, Absolut Vanilia, and Absolut Raspberri.

4. Bombay Sapphire 

Bombay Sapphire

Many gin enthusiasts credit the brand for contributing significantly to the rekindled love affair between the English and gin. Its highly aromatic character adds a pleasantly complex flavour to the run-of-the-mill standards for London Dry Gin.

What makes it even better is the bluish alcohol aesthetic that it carries. This way, it makes beautiful tall glasses of royal blue cocktails. Stunning, this gin, made with an extraordinary lineup of botanicals, is definitely made for show and tell.

5. Freixenet Cava

Freixenet Cava

Take a sip of wine made using traditional Spanish methods of winemaking. Fancy learning how Freixenet also uses indigenous grapes for making their wines. Now, that’s a tasty wine experience you can’t get from just about anywhere.

Freixenet Cava is available in Cordon Negro Brut, Extra Dry, Sweet Cuvee, and Rose. Carta Nevada in Brut and Semi Dry variants are also part of the range.

Life’s greatest milestones deserve a toast and a tipple to make each moment linger and last a lifetime. With Just Miniature, you won’t even have to break the bank to chance a sip.




  • Aug 17, 2020
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