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Bottega Moments - Enchanting Bubbles for a Special Friday Evening!

Bottega Moments - Enchanting Bubbles for a Special Friday Evening! 

Think you need a special occasion to enjoy a bottle of bubbly with a great company? No, siree! When you pop open a bottle of Bottega Gold, even the most uneventful day can suddenly turn into a bubbly moment to be cherished for a lifetime. If that isn’t enough reason, well you don’t really need hard logic to enjoy the rejuvenating feeling you get with every sip.

What’s makes Bottega special?

Other than transforming any regular day into something more extraordinary, there is an enchanting formulation inside every Bottega. The captivating sensation you get from a Bottega Rose Gold or any variant from this world-famous brand is a mark of quality painstakingly achieved from growing the grapes, to harvesting and bottling this bubbly spirit.

Bottega Rose Gold

Only grapes meeting the highest standards are manually selected from the vineyard. Later, the choicest grapes are vinified then infused with bubbles using only premium-grade processes perfected by Bottega. This justifies why Bottega Champagne price is more expensive than most other brands.

How do you enjoy a Bottega?

Also available in Bottega 20cl bottles, these bubblies can be enjoyed solo. Still, the best memories are made when you toast it online or in-person with people you care about the most.

Other than enjoying a Bottega on its own in a tall wine glass while taking pleasure in viewing the bubbles dance around, below are two of the best Bottega cocktails recipes you can try:

1. Bottega Lemon Spritz. One of the most sophisticated ways for you to cool down in the Summer heat, enjoy this revitalizing cocktail with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.

What you’ll need:

1 short jigger of Bottega Limoncino

2 short  jiggers Bottega Gold Prosecco

25 ml soda water

Crushed ice

Fill a long-stemmed wine glass with ice cubes. Pour over the Bottega Limoncino and Bottega Gold Prosecco. Stir lightly. Next, top with soda water. Give it another light stir before garnishing.

2. Mediterraneo. If you can’t take a trip to Santorini, Corsica, or Montenegro, no problem. Go right ahead and feel absolutely like you’re spending the time of your life enjoying the French Riviera with this Mediterranean-getaway-inspired Bottega cocktail.

Bottega cocktail.

What you’ll need:

2 short jiggers Alexander Prosecco Grappa

2 short jiggers Bottega Gold Prosecco

3 orange slices

3 lemon slices

Brown sugar to taste

Basil leaves

Crushed ice

Ice cubes

In a cocktail shaker, muddle together brown sugar, lemons, oranges, and basil leaves. Add crushed ice and Alexander Prosecco Grappa. Shake well.

Fill a mason jar with ice cubes. Filter and empty the contents of the shaker into the jar. Pour over the Bottega Gold Prosecco. Give the mix a light stir before garnishing with slices of lemon and oranges on top. Add a sprig of basil if preferred.

Need more ideas? Tipple your favourite sodas, fruit juices, gin, or vodka with a Bottega or even cook a risotto with it -- the possibilities are endless! Just remember that the most memorable moments deserve a Bottega but you’re just as worthy of this guilty pleasure any given day.






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