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A Guide to create Riviera-Style Cocktail hour this Summer!

A Guide to create Riviera-Style Cocktail hour this Summer!

Interiors and decors are just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to have summer cocktails to really get you in the mood for a laid back and extravagant vacation without ever leaving your home. 

6 Ways To Bring The French Riviera Closer To You

A dash of creativity and a good dose of planning can finally get you to experience your dream vacation -- and you need not spend on a plane or train ticket to get there. Here are sure-fire ways to live Riviera lifestyle and still keep your precious pounds at the same time:

Tip No. 1: Choose your space.

House Party - garden or bar area

You don’t have to makeover your entire space to achieve Riviera-style interiors and ambiance. Choose a space that will best resemble a Riviera-style home and use that as the backdrop for your forthcoming Zoom party. If you can’t make up your mind, our best bet will be your garden or your bar area.

Tip No. 2: Rock the Riviera Theme.

Key decors you can add are wrought iron lamps or large white candles. Either a warm light or a bright white lighting will create a stunning, nostalgic effect, just make sure you have plenty of whites, golds, and bronzes to go with it.

Tip No. 3: Learn one or two easy to make summer cocktail recipes.

Hendricks Gin - Summer Cocktails

The top rule for your cocktails to match your Riviera theme is to keep it simple. We strongly suggest a prosecco or champagne combined with rose wine so you can get more of that blushing colour in your glass. Try your bubblies with an Inspiral White Zinfandel Rose Wine or a Linidsfarne Strawberry Fruit Wine.

If you prefer more potent alcohol in your drink, consider adding pink gin instead. A Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin or the Boe Peach + Hibiscus Gin Liqueur will mix well with either a bubbly or rose wine. A beautiful wine glass with intricate etchings or sexy curves on it will be the best piece to hold your drink. You may also just go for a miniature bottle of Hendricks Gin in your hand.

Tip No. 4: Prepare some hors d’ oeuvres.

Refrain from prepping food that are too saucy. Stick to dried meats like salami, prosciutto, and pepperoni. Complement these with cheeses and herbs placed on a cheeseboard. Add small containers of nuts and you should be good.

Tip No. 5: Add white roses.

House Party- Rose Drinks

No other accent can bring the Riviera closer to your space than white roses. Get a bundle and leave them loosely lying on the bar or put them in a large vase. Set up your cocktail hour drinks beside it along with the wine glasses you’ll be using.

Tip No. 6: Dress the part.

Don’t forget to wear your vibe. Go for bold and lavish accessories but keep your dress toned down. Your best dress will be white lace, a little black dress, or a full-length summer dress in black and white. Put on a broad hat and a pair of shades if you’re partying in broad daylight.


How can I host a happy hour at home?’

Whenever you’re going for a themed party, there are three key things you need to be aligned, those are, your space, your food and drinks, and your dress code. All of which have to be imbibing the same vibe or your theme gets dissolved.

In a time of pandemic, you also want to validate that social gatherings are allowed in your area.

How do you make happy hour fun?

Make sure there’s plenty of booze to last the night. Also, make sure that there’s a way for people to interact and stay entertained. Consider hiring live performers. A magic show and a circus will fit a French Riviera-themed happy hour, so will a simple live band playing chill and relaxing music. Bossanova tunes playing on your Bluetooth speaker will also suffice.


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