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7 Boozy Mini Gift Sets for your Wedding Guest

7 Boozy Mini Gift Sets for your Wedding Guest

When you are toasting to a major milestone in your life, the affair can only be justly remembered with giveaways that are as timeless and priceless as a couple’s love and passion for each other. It deserves no less than favours that are meticulously grown, produced and bottled. Mini alcohol gift sets reflect the marriage of a groom to his bride -- the relationship, like bottled wines and spirits, can only get better with time, patience and mindful nurturing.


Top 7 Tipples for Wedding Favours

Commemorate your wedding day only with a classic bottled spirit that stays in the hearts and memories of your wedding guests forever -- a perfect reflection of a married couple’s endless love for each other. Here are your top 7 choices:

1. Bottega Gold Prosecco Sparkling Wine Miniature

 Bottega Gold Prosecco Sparkling Wine Miniature


For the bridesmaids, a classic, a chic and luxurious bottle of prosecco. To make them feel even more special, you can go for mini Prosecco gift sets if you prefer. As an alternative, you can easily create your own gift set made up of Bottega minis that includes the Bottega Gold and Bottega Rose Gold Spumante Sparkling Wine Miniatures. Both the Gold and Rose Gold minis come in 75cl and 20cl bottles.


2. Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne


For all your wedding guests, there’s no question why it must only be Moet & Chandon. Serve up the most iconic of all champagne brands for the most important day of your life as a couple. It may not be the most affordable from the entire range of mini champagne gift sets but your wedding toast deserve only the best. Besides, it guarantees that everyone in your guest list will love the bottle, the aroma, the taste and the finish. Now, let’s drink to that!


3. 6 O’Clock Miniature Gin Gift Set

6 O’Clock Miniature Gin Gift Set


For all the dear people who have been helping the bride and groom from the background, away from the spotlight, this mini gin set is a treat that definitely demonstrates your heartfelt appreciation. What makes it even more special is this gin’s reputation for being a classic and, you can’t ignore the name. Those dear people may have been up long before 6 o’clock in the morning to help the bride and groom get dressed and most likely still running around long after 6 o’clock in the evening to make sure the reception flows smoothly. Now, that deserves two thumbs up and bottoms up!


4. Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Gift Set

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Gift Set


This gift set consists of three single malt scotch whiskies which means that the whisky bottles in this selection have been aged from the same batch of malt from a single distillery. Single malt is, in fact, more exquisite, harder to find, undergoes a more rigorous production process, and is superbly superior over the more widely distributed blended scotch whiskies. 

From among the mini liquor bottle gift sets, therefore, this one is reflective of a couple’s oath of loyalty and fidelity to each other. The single malts included in this gift set include 12, 15, and 18 years olds all are expressed with 40% ABV, and come in 20cl bottles and a gift carton. It is a perfect give for the most important men in the couple’s lives -- the fathers of the bride and groom. 


5. Lyme Bay Ginger Wine and Sloe Wine Gift Box

Lyme Bay Ginger Wine and Sloe Wine Gift Box


If the most special dads of the occasion are getting their stash of whisky, the mothers of the bride and groom also deserve their own classic -- and we mean no less than wine flavored in the Holy Island of Lindisfarne of the Northumbrian region of England. Well-famed for their mead, Lindisfarne also produces other highly regarded wines and spirits, including these two refreshing and reinvigorating fruit wines. Truly a toast deserving of a mother’s unconditional love and patience raising a wonderful bride and groom.

You can choose from the Lyme Bay Miniature Fruit Wine Gift Box and the Echo Falls Rose Wine Gift Set which comes with a matching mini wine glass.


6. Jack Daniels 5cl Miniature and Hip Flask Gift Tin

Jack Daniels 5cl Miniature and Hip Flask Gift Tin


There’s nothing else that can make the groomsmen feel more appreciated than a Jack’s. This particular wedding favour stands out from other mini liquor gift sets because of the mini flask that accompanies it. You can have both the bottle of Jack’s and the flask customized for your wedding.


7. Absolut Fives Flavoured Vodka Miniature Gift Set

Absolut Fives Flavoured Vodka Miniature Gift Set



Definitely deserving of high fives are your best man and maid of honor for helping you get through your wedding jitters and seeing you all the way to your “I do’s” and beyond. Neatly designed in chic yet straightforward small bottles of Absolut, one of the world’s most recognized brands of vodka, your best man and best woman deserve stronger liquor for their tired feet and to get that party started!

Other mini vodka gift sets that you can choose from are the Smirnoff Flavours Miniatures and Shot Glass Gift Pack, Isle of Wight Gin Miniature Spirit Selection, and The Chase Selection Miniature Gift Set. Of course, if you prefer a Stoli, you can well just create a suitable gift set for the most helpful man and woman of the day. Add in a Stoli Plain Vodka, Stoli Elit Ultra Luxury Vodka and any of the Stoli flavoured variants, that includes the Stoli Crushed Pineapple, Stoli Citros, and Stoli Hot. Your maid of honor will be pleasantly surprised to find a Stoli Gluten Free in her stash too.

Make your special day beaming with happy people utterly glad to find these special favours that you’ve handpicked for them. Add these flavours to your theme by making sure that they’re personalised -- made only for you and your partner -- and stay that way until the end of time. Now, let’s get you wed, shall we?

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