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7 Best Drinks to Pack for a Camping Trip

7 Best Drinks to Pack for a Camping Trip


This summer, you only have one goal, and that is to create memories you will keep reminiscing for the rest of your life. So, go ahead and toast to life, and what better way to do that than with the best alcoholic drinks for camping in your hand.

From beers, spirits and ready-to-drink cocktails to the best wine for camping, add any of the following booze to your itinerary depending on your taste preference to add even more excitement to your adventure this summer:

1. RUM


There’s nothing like the taste of the Carribean to quench your thirst in the thick of summer. Filled with a rich history of pirates and conquistadores, the good ole rum gives you and your company plenty of stories to tell around the bonfire as soon as night falls and well into dawn. While you’re there, fusing your camp stories with reminders of the beach would be a great idea. Pick up a bottle of Captain Morgan or a Goslings and fix a punch. Pack light with mini bottles. For this purpose, Captain Morgan miniatures and small bottles of Goslings make better choices than regular servings.




The rough and rugged edges of this traditional Russian spirit perfectly matches the wild backdrop of the mountains after all! Besides, when not taken neat, the best vodka drinks require little effort to mix. Try a Stoli or Smirnoff with soda or tonic. Even when you feel more like mixing vodka with a Doornkaat Schnapp, there’s a miniature bottle of peach schnapps that you can buy.




Cold nights spent on the mountains, most especially when there’s snow, call for a drink that helps your body fight the chilly winds. You can always pack your Jacks or  Johnnies in a flask or, you can save yourself from the trouble and keep the spirit 100% intact by picking up lighter weight Johnnie Walker mini bottles or Jack Daniels miniatures. You can fix yourself a classic hot Toddy with honey and lemon on hand or, you can go for a Chivas Regal Whisky with ginger ale. Of course, you can always take your whisky neat. Whether on ice or, in surrounding temperature, a whisky will remain a classic.




Your choices include full, medium or light bodied red wine. Since red wine can be enjoyed at normal temp, there’s no problem if you can’t get it chilled. A bottle of Concha y Toro Merlot Wine can give you the red wine fix you desire for under $5. Faustino Red Wine variants bring the flavour of grapes grown in the humid Rioja region of Spain, while a Grahams Port or Douro embodies a more full-bodied red wine made in Portugal which red wine drinkers are more acquainted with.

It doesn’t matter if you’re loading your truck for the Grand Canyons or, if you’re headed out to go winter skiing on the Mont Fort Glacier. You’re only done packing when you’ve got your favourite spirit. Don’t forget to keep your hands free and your backpack light. Tag along miniatures of your choice of alcohol and mixers. It’s time to toast to your most epic summer ever!





Seeking something hotter and yet suave like a Latino summer just the way you remember it? Then, reach out for a tequila which, thankfully, you won’t have to drag to the campsite in bulky bottles with you. Look for a Patron Tequila mini or a Sierra Tequila miniature. Enjoy your margarita with a magnificent view above the clouds by taking a frozen lime juice in your thermos. Don’t forget the rock salt and three fresh lemons to complement your cool and spicy drink. If you like something more enticing to the palate, try a Tequila rose 70 cl.




If you feel like packing something more special than ordinary, boozy camping drinks, that’s the job of a brandy! Stash away small bottles of Hennessy or a Martell to carry no less than the most prestigious of them all -- a cognac. It’s a taste of the regale that comes with France and the pompous history of French aristocracy after all. Thankfully, in this modern day and age, this spirit can be enjoyed by just about anybody anywhere, including when you’re up and away taking in the marvelous view of the mountains.



Gin Liqueur

If you want something richer with a more comforting feel than just sipping on neat alcohol but find packing additional mixers too tedious, you can just opt to take a mini bottle of Amarula Cream Liqueur with you. In case you prefer something more cozy to match your rustic cabin or, the sight of the old woods, you should try the Raisthorpe Manor Raspberry Gin Liqueur Miniature -- and just a friendly reminder -- you may want to take it easy when you sip because this liqueur comes with 18% ABV.




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