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5 Liqueurs you must try (and the Best Way to Enjoy Them)!

5 Liqueurs you must try (and the Best Way to Enjoy Them)!

The best liqueur brands in the world today are only beginning to capture people’s fancy for flavoured spirits. Yet, liqueurs have been in the market for a long time, What makes liqueurs extra special is that each time you skip from one bottle of liqueur to another, you get a treat like no other. But, what exactly is a liqueur?

History Of  Liqueurs 

Liqueurs trace their origins too long ago periods in history where distilled grain was used for medicinal purposes. While, unofficially, liqueurs were probably made at the household level using recipes passed on from one generation to the next, officially, it is the monks who are often credited for its early introduction.

Based on historical accounts, the Chartreuse monks first formulated the original recipe for a naturally green coloured “elixir,” as it was referred to, in the 13th century. The original recipe was lost for a while before it was found again in the 16th century along with a tedious liqueur making process that ensures only the best flavours are infused in the spirit.

Today, Chartreuse continues to be made using the same original recipe made up of over 130 plants. Two variants of which are now sold as the original Green Chartreuse and Yellow Chartreuse. Both of which are made only with 100% botanical flavours and rid of colorants and other food additives.

Botanical liqueur cocktails like Chartreuse continue to be taken for purposes of enhancing health and well-being. Many of which are also marketed as aperitifs and digestifs. 

The Most Common Liqueurs Out There

Today, liqueur flavours are now made using every possible formulation and flavour infusion technique that you can possibly imagine. With that,  the range of flavours have significantly expanded as well, generally ranging from sweet, herbal, bitter, fruity, coffee, and floral liqueur. 

If you’re ready to try a satisfying taste with a tipple, go on a liqueur tasting adventure starting with these five of the best-tasting liqueurs in the market today:


mozart liqueur

If, rather than a coffee flavour, you’re craving for something luxuriously sweet, creamy, and chocolatey, Mozart is the liqueur that you simply couldn’t afford to miss. Choose from a wide selection that includes Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Cream, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.



Baileys Liqueur

When it comes to coffee liqueurs, Baileys is a definite stand out. Imagine creamy coffee gliding smoothly on your palate. This liqueur is best served chilled or over ice. 



Edinburgh Liqueur

For a delectable treat that emanates from the English countryside and made lovingly using a very traditional distillation process, the Edinburgh Gin is a treat, and its liqueurs a must-try. Flavoured gin liqueur variants to choose from including Raspberry Liqueur, Gooseberry and Elderflower Liqueur, Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur, Bramble and Honey Liqueur, Plum and Vanilla Liqueur, and Pomegranate and Rose Liqueur.



unicorn tears

Care for something fancier? Unicorn Tears adds an edible shimmer to your glass of tipple, whether you prefer to take it on its own or, added to your favourite cocktail. With this mythi-inspired tipple, finding out how many calories in gin liqueur gets added to your body per glass will become the least of your concerns. Quite simply because it’s a fairytale come true.



lyme bay liqueur

When you think you just can’t get enough of liqueurs, let Lyme Bay take your adventure several notches higher with its wide selection of cream liqueurs and reserve liqueurs.

What’s The Difference Between A Liqueur And A Liquor?

The ideal starting point to define a liqueur is by knowing the difference between liqueur vs liquor. Liqueurs use liquors, such as tequila, whisky, and gin, as the base spirit. Many liqueurs also use distilled neutral grain as the base spirit.

The distilled spirit or liquor is then infused with different flavours from one or any combination of sugar, fruits, flowers, spices, herbs and other botanicals, natural oils, and other artificial extracts. In the case of liqueur coffee, the liquor is infused with coffee bean extracts. 

The flavour infusion is achieved by several means, including distillation and maceration. Popular liqueur brands serve as bar staples, typically available either for neat drinking or, served as part of a cocktail.

“Liqueur” originated from the Latin word, “liquifacere” which literally means, “to dissolve, liquify, or melt”. Liqueurs have come a long way since the monks formulated them to serve medicinal purpose.


Can you drink liqueur straight?

Yes. There are many different ways to enjoy a liqueur and drinking it neat and straight is one of them. Many of the best liqueur to drink straight may also be enjoyed chilled or poured over ice.

Can you drink coffee liqueur straight?

Yes. Just like any other liqueur, a coffee liqueur like Baileys may be served in many ways, including for drinking neat. In the case of coffee liqueurs, these are chilled before serving so you end up drinking it as if you were taking a cold glass of coffee.

What is a good coffee liqueur?

The criteria really depends on your taste. If you like your coffee creamy like a coffee-flavoured ice cream, then Baileys, Mozart, and Kahlua will be a satisfying treat to your taste buds. And, yes, these creamy coffee liqueurs can be very versatile, easily added to desserts, and even to your regular cup of coffee.

If you prefer your coffee with a more concentrated taste of freshly ground coffee beans and if you like your coffee black then, there are great choices out there too. Top-rated and critically acclaimed coffee liqueur, Patron XO Cafe, will be the ideal treat for you if you’re looking for a strong coffee flavour that comes with a higher alcohol concentration -- 35% ABV to be exact. 

What are the most popular liqueurs?

The best way to start your liqueur tasting experience is by rounding up the best-known brands of liqueurs, but also determining for yourself where you prefer to start your tasting adventure based on your preference. Do you like your alcohol with a fruity, floral, or creamy flavour? The liqueur world has them all.

If you like to drink your liqueurs as they are, three of the best bottles to try are Chartreuse, St. Germain, and Disaronno. Chartreuse is herbal and botanical. St. Germain, made with elderflowers, has a revitalising effect on the senses. Disaronno carries a flavour profile dominated by almonds. Any of these drinks may be taken straight and neat, slightly chilled, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail mix.

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