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5 Liqueur Flavours that will give you a Sugar Rush

5 Liqueur Flavours that will give you a Sugar Rush 

There remains to be an open debate around whether or not a sugar rush can even be slightly beneficial or utterly risky for your health. Fact is, even the experts have yet to agree if the so-called, “myth of the sugar rush” is even real. At the end of the day, it’s how you’ve personally experienced sugar rush that really matters so make it count. You can choose from a broad variety of liqueur flavours if you prefer to experience your sugar rush with a little bit of tipple.

5 Liqueur Flavours That Fire You Up With Energy

Liqueur is an alcoholic drink made using any distilled spirit as base and then made more palatable with the addition of flavours, usually of fruits and herbs or any combination thereof. Depending on the make and concentration of key ingredients in a liqueur, you may take it neat. 

Although, more often than not, liqueurs are customarily infused with other mixers and liquors to add both flavour and tipple to cocktails. Liqueurs will also prove to be a delicious addition to your most favourite drinks and desserts that can turn any ordinary soda, coffee, pastry, or ice cream into something more superbly unique and enticingly different treat for your palate.

From liqueurs that deliver a nostalgic taste and aroma of the homey rhubarb with ginger roasting in a quiet cottage by the countryside to a highly spirited raspberry liqueur that gets everyone ready to start a smashing party, here are the top 5 liqueur flavours for you to choose from:

1. Rhubarb Liqueur.

Rhubarb Liqueur

Liqueurs infused with rhubarb, like Laber Rhabarber, are recommended for neat taking straight from the bottle. The Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin and the Raisthorpe Manor Rhubarb Gin Liqueurs deliver the freshest rhubarb taste infused in top-quality spirits.

Rhubarb liqueurs help create a refreshing rhubarb vodka cocktail. This classic flavour infusion can be easily made. Simply mix together soda and lemon with your preferred volume of rhubarb liqueur and vigorously mix with crushed ice in a mixer. Empty the contents into a clear glass, toast, and enjoy.

2. Strawberry Liqueurs.

Strawberry Liqueur

Strawberry vodka and gin liqueurs are the most common ingredients for these fruity tipples. In general strawberry fruit liqueurs are either packaged with a clear texture or, as part of a thick and creamy mixture. 

Some of the choicest brands for the former are Feigling Erdbeer Colada and the WILD Vodka Liqueur. For the latter, top brands include the Mozart White Chocolate Cream Strawberry and the Tequila Rose Strawberry Liqueur. All of which may be taken straight from the bottle, served over ice, or added to any classic or innovative blends to create wonderfully flavourful strawberry liqueur cocktails. You can mix it with tonic or add it to ordinary sodas, ice creams, or cheesecakes.

3. Orange Liqueur.

Orange Liqueur

Sunny, tropical and tangy, this is a liqueur meant for refreshment. Revive your senses and indulge your palate with cocktails with orange liqueur. 

Top choices for mixing with cocktails include the Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur, Cointreau Triple Sec, and the Gabriel Boudier Orange Curacao. A delectable alternative would be the Lyme Bay Chocolate Orange Brandy Cream and the Sipsmith Orange and Cocoa Gin. Any of these orange liqueur gins are available in miniature bottles, as is any other flavoured liqueur on this list.

4. Elderflower Liqueur.

Elderflower Liqueur

One of the most well-loved flavours that has been characterised to have an exceptional way of quenching a deep thirst and leave a revitalizing feeling at the same time. You will find your choices of elderflower liqueur gin expands to elderflower-infused vodka and any basic distilled spirits.

Top brands include the Raisthorpe Manor Elderflower Gin Liqueur, The Lakes Elderflower Gin Liqueur, and the Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur. In general, higher ABV elderflower liqueurs are best added to make an elderflower liqueur cocktail. Arrange a pitcher for sharing at a garden party or a picnic, or fix a glass for your own personal enjoyment, the results are just as equally satisfying.

5. Raspberry Liqueur.

Raspberry Liqueur

Suitable for neat drinking are raspberry liqueurs with a lower ABV, such as the Quicky Raspberry Flavoured Vodka Shot which contains just 20% ABV. Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur, which comes at 40% ABV, is more suitable for neat drinking or for adding a beautiful, dreamy glitter to your go-to cocktails.

The Luxardo Sambuca & Raspberry Liqueur is a bar staple, most especially famous for its highly flammable qualities. Set it on a shot glass to ignite a fiery alcohol experience or, combine it lime, basil, and gin for a crisp and rejuvenating cocktail.


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