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5 Cocktails Similar to Old Fashioned You Must Try!

5 Cocktails Similar to Old Fashioned You Must Try!

The old fashioned cocktail is the perfect embodiment of the common saying, “Simplicity is beauty,” that is, in the world of bars and mixed spirits. Through and through, this old fashioned drink offers true blue satisfaction, nothing fancy, but undoubtedly sexy and classy.

What Makes The Old-Fashioned A Hit

Before even attempting to recreate an old-fashioned drink with your bare hands and trust your own gut feel and palate, it pays to know what makes the old-fashioned one of the most preferred spiked mixed drinks. Indeed, based on experience, you know that whether you are taking a few rounds of drinks with your colleagues uptown or raising toasts with your old folks downtown, the Old Fashioned is always requested.

So, what makes the old fashioned a popular cocktail anyway? If your objective is to search history to unearth the original old fashioned cocktail recipe, you will fail. Many people have tried but since the practices of putting together a glass of this drink go back to olden times, it’s not just hard to trace what made up the first-ever ball glass fixed and even who to credit it for. 

Not to mention, the recipe has captured the imagination of the world so intensely that the recipe has evolved to branch out into several fixes -- all with the aim of satisfying the drinker. Nevertheless, there are three key ingredients you need to make sure your recipe captures the charm of this classic drink: whisky, bitters, and muddled sugar. Some bartenders and drinkers prefer brandy but if you’re after the more intense bite of a sophisticated cocktail fix, always go for whisky.

5 Cocktails To Love Made Just Like An Old Fashioned

Know that when you prefer your spirits made like a true classic, you don’t always have to stick to the Old Fashioned to satisfy your cravings for a good dose of tipple. Here are 5 alternatives to the Old Fashioned that are guaranteed to capture your style and taste:

1. Manhattan


This drink is probably the closest you can get to a glass of Old-Fashioned. The only key difference between a Manhattan Cocktail and an Old Fashioned Cocktail is the sweeteners. But, believe it when we say that the sweet vermouth in a Manhattan replacing the muddled sugar of an Old Fashioned completely gives the former an entirely new and exciting character that sets it apart from an Old Fashioned.

Here’s all you need to give yourself or your company a taste of this classic fix:

Simply add all 3 ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Then, pour the mixture over rocks in a ball glass. To add a dash of whimsical presentation, garnish with a maraschino cherry but the drink will stand without it.

2. Sazerac


This drink has earned the reputation of becoming the first-ever cocktail -- although, that’s not entirely true, technically. Cocktails have been invented probably for as long as civilisations the world over have been making spirits. The Sazerac is, however, the first-ever cocktail to carry a name and credited to its inventor, Antoine Peychaud.

Originally, the recipe for Sazerac included absinthe. However, since being banned for allegedly causing hallucinations, bitters started to be used for making Sazerac instead. Here’s what you need to make this drink:

  • 2 parts Rye whiskey (go all out with a Sazerac Rye Whisky but that’s optional)
  • 2 parts Cognac
  • La Fee Absinthe Parisienne Liqueur Miniature for rinsing
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • Sugar cube

Rinse a ball glass with the absinthe. Throw away any excess. Muddle together the sugar, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, and a teaspoon of cold water. Strain into the ball glass. In your mixer, add the rye and cognac. Give it a shake then pour into the glass.  Give it a stir. 

3. Negroni


Another cocktail fix that captures the nostalgic style and taste of an Old-Fashioned Cocktail is Negroni, except this one uses gin as its base spirit. Detailed below is the easiest way to create this classic for your personal enjoyment or the satisfaction of your guest.

What you’ll need:

Add all ingredients together in a cocktail mixer. Add crushed ice. Cover and shake well. Pour over ice and into a ball glass. Try garnishing with orange pill to some fancy.

4. Absolut Negroni

Absolut Negroni 

How about a Negroni with a more youthful character? An Absolut Citron Vodka miniature will help you achieve this next cocktail fix with absolute ease. Simply follow the instruction on how to make a basic Negroni cocktail detailed above, except you should substitute the gin for an Absolut Citron Vodka

5. Mint Julep

 Mint Julep

This cocktail traces its roots to the southern end of the US, and has earned the reputation of being the drink of choice of the Kentucky Derby. Totally refreshing, this cocktail is perfect for sipping under the intense heat of the southern sun.

Basic mint julep ingredients include:

  • 2 shots of Bourbon whiskey
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • 12 mint leaves and an extra sprig for garnishing
  • 1 sugar cube or syrup

Muddle the mint and sugar or syrup. Strain into the glass. In a cocktail mixer, add crushed ice and Bourbon whisky. Cover and shake well. Empty the contents into a ball glass, including crushed ice. Top with mint sprig to garnish.

Next time you feel like you’re stuck with a glass of Old-Fashioned, you have five other choices to select from. Fix yourself a more traditional, more straightforward cocktail drink that does nothing but deliver the old fashioned taste you love so dearly and that does not mask the taste of your base spirit.


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