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4 Boozy, Vegan Friendly Alcoholic Drinks You Need To Try

4 Boozy, Vegan Friendly Alcoholic Drinks You Need To Try

Being a vegan and finding new vegan drinks in the market can be very challenging. A lot of alcoholic products contain more than just alcohol, and this is definitely a big no-no. So whether you are a vegan veteran or someone who is looking forward to experimenting new flavours, then you might have stumbled upon the right article. 

Firefly Drinks offers an array of fresh botanical flavoured tonics, free of additional preservatives, colours and sugar. We have listed below our most favourite flavours from this vegan friendly range.

1. Firefly Lemon, Lime and Ginger

Firefly Lemon, Lime & Ginger


A classic citrus reviver, with nettle, old-school dandelion, flavoured with natural rosemary and ginger, this drink is perfect to be served on its own or mixed with a squeeze of lemon and a stir of rosemary. 





Suggested concoction: Firefly Bourbon Cocktail

Add to a short Highball glass:
- 75ml Firefly Lemon Lime & Ginger
- 25ml bourbon
- 12.5ml honey water (2 part honey: 1 part boiling water)
Fill the glass with cubes of ice to top and stir briefly. For the perfect finishing touch, garnish with honeycomb, crystallised ginger and a lime wheel all on a skewer.

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2. Firefly Peach & Gree

Firefly Peach & Green TeaExpertly crafted from still water, peaches, grapes, green tea and yerba mate, this peachy drink acts as the perfect refresher for a hot summer day. It can be either pourd over crushed ice and a slice of fresh peach for a virgin cocktail, or simply enjoyed with gin.

Suggested concoction: Firefly Summer Iced Tea
Add to a tall glass:
- 70ml Firefly Peach & Green Tea
- 25ml whisky
- 25ml peach schnapps
- 25ml fresh lemon juice
Fill the glass with ice to the top and stir briefly. Garnish with slices of peach and mint leaves.

Shop for Firefly Peach & Green Tea (330ml) on Just Miniatures for £1.49

3. Firefly Bramley Apple & Ginger


Firefly Bramley Apple & GingerA ginger zinger, this version from Firefly's range is true to the classic British flavours. It is made from the finest botanical including Bramley apples, thyme, yerba mate, ginger and rosemary. It can be served with a slice of fresh apple, a cinnamon stick and a stiff upper lip. It’s also jolly good with a splash of gin!

Suggested concoction: A Great British Firefly Cocktail
Add to a low ball glass:
- 50ml Firefly Bramley Apple & Ginger
- 25ml Scotch
- 50ml Fever Tree Slimline Tonic
Fill the glass to top with cubes ice. Stir briefly and garnish with apple fan.

Shop for Firefly Bramley Apple & Ginger (330ml) on Just Miniatures for £1.49

4. Firefly Love Potion, Passion Fruit & Blueberry


Firefly Love Potion, Passion Fruit & BlueberryA fabulously fruity punch packed with passion fruit, blueblerries and the legendary aphrodisiac angelica, the cheeky but charming Love Potion offers a subtle, delicious flavour. Mix it with ice, or make it seriously smoochy with strawberries and a shot of pink gin.

Shop for Firefly Love Potion, Passion Fruit & Blueberry (330ml) on Just Miniatures for £1.49


Try the Firefly Drinks' vegan friendly range for yourself to see what the hype is all about.

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