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To Valentine or not to Valentine…?

Well, I’m usually a hopeless romantic but this Valentine’s Day I’m leaving my wife behind and travelling to a cold part of Canada with our daughter to catch up with some friends. I’ll have to think of a way to make it up to her when I get back…

Weddings Weddings Everywhere!

With the relaunch of our Personalised Miniatures section, we have been inundated with orders for this seasons weddings. We have 40 standard designs to choose from and all are available for Civil Partnerships too. If you don’t see a design that you like, we can create a bespoke one for you at no extra cost.

Has spring finally sprung?

It seems to be getting a little warmer here in Hadleigh. The blue sky and a little sunshine certainly seems to brighten things up. We are busy getting ready for the wedding season.

It’s cold!

Toying with the idea of putting the heating on in the office this morning. Reluctant to do it as that really does signal the end of the Summer doesn’t it??

Bucking the trend

We continue to be busy in what is our quiet time of year. Lots to be getting on with and the sun is still shining.

What a beautiful day it is here in sunny Suffolk

The sun is shining over Alexander House (and in the surrounding area) and we have lots to be getting on with today. We are still preparing for our impending Christmas rush and we are also busy with some ‘behind-the-scenes’ work on the website.

It’s all in the mirror (not the newspaper)

We have just taken delivery of some new mirrored acrylic. It’s brilliant stuff and we will be laser cutting it into all sorts of weird and wonderful things including cake toppers, wall mirrors, necklaces and more. Watch this space!

Just checking the systems….

Was going to start this update with “Captains log…. Stardate 27th August” etc but that would be plain silly! Just logged in to check that all the systems are running correctly (which thankully they are!). Now I’m of for a cycle with the family.


When our laser engraving machine broke down last week we were hopeful that the laser tube itself wasn’t the problem as these cost £3,000 to replace. Turns out the laser tube was to blame but it was 2 weeks inside warranty. Result!

The calm before the storm that is Christmas at Just Miniatures

Did you know that last Christmas we had 12,000 orders at Just Miniatures… That’s a heck of a lot of little bottles and gifts being processed through our dedicated warehouse facility. This Christmas we anticipate more than 15,000 orders and have already started gearing up for it with extra staff being recruited and parts of the warehouse being cleared to make way for extra packing stations.

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